Several times there is question comes to our mind if our life is driven by destiny or Desire. I have found people saying “Sab Kismat ka khel hai” means everything is predestined on the other hand there is another set of people who say and believe that their life is totally in their hand. On this I would like to say that both statements are correct, let me explain how.
The situations provided to us in our life is not in our hand, they are predestined, based on our past karmas but how do we deal or respond to those situations is completely our choice. for Example: Our parents, home, society, life partner etc. are all predestined but how do we deal with those situations is in our hand, actions we perform to those situations create our future destiny.

Our destiny is made up of our past choices in order words it is the residual of our previous karma. In case we want to change our destiny, we need to change our present Karma. since we cannot change our past karma our present situation can not also be altered. Now here comes a mind fulness which we really need to look into. Let me explain it with an example, suppose you marry a girl/guy who abuse you and you are not having a peace full relation, now this situation came to your life due to your past life karma where you would have tormented this person same way and therefore in this life your spouse is now tormenting you. In this  scenario a normal person would keep a mindset of revenge and would reciprocate same way and this vicious cycle goes on and do not finish, In order to give this an end the person has to be mindful and conscious enough and display such an attitude that this cycle break and do not be part of the future destiny. In this situation I would recommend the most powerful way is to meditate and visualize for a harmonious relationship because visualization has a power of manifestation, bring about patience and forgive his/her spouse because you need to understand that this situation is driven by your past actions.
As per Vedic principle Every action has an equal and opposite reaction that means any action, we create today further pave path to create future destiny. Here action does not mean just a movement of physical body, it includes our words and thoughts as well which makes an impact to the outer realm.
We need to be very mind full even about what we think, because our thoughts create blue print of the event in the Universe which manifest later our thoughts also radiate energy and energy has power to manifest.
I don’t want to end it this with a confusing note and would like to say that our life is definitely our choice as long as we keep an eye on our present action, this requires a great level of Mindfulness and Awareness because we always need to deal with present situation and then perform better over them to make desired future.

A shift to spirituality is the only way to understand the function of Universe and get ourselves aligned to this Cosmos, this way it always takes us to the path which is best planed for us.

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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