We usually regard cash as liquid and on the level of Energy they are identical. Water flows on its own , so does money, it flows on its own and does not stay anywhere out of it’s very nature.

Only when water flows and rotates it remains fresh, lively and usable, the same way money rotates and circulates from one individual to another, one economy to another and so on, also when it rotates it contributes to the economic growth, a stuck money do not contribute to any progress and growth.

Now having known this fact , how can we avoid money crunch in our life when we know it resembles water energy.

The only answer is saving water and paying respect to it. Using every single water, the way as you use your money

I tell you one more thing here, more cash never means prosperity, prosperity can also be invited with limited cash. Cash is goddess Laxmi, if cash is being earned through bad sources by harming someone then it carries negative energy along with, which never contributes to growth and prosperity, Money earned through correct means only invites Goddess Laxmi.

These elements of nature are associated with every aspect of our lives. If we can understand the property of their energy, then we can manage the respective area accordingly with ease and peace.

Coming back to Water Energy ,If you are treating water well and using it consciously than your liquid cash will also be managed well which will bring prosperity, those who disrespect water, waste it and use it with selfish attitude I guarantee they definitely suffer with money crunch somewhere or sometime in their lifetime.

Over a period what I realized is that, we can never run away with nature it is there inside us and it is there around us. It is just out of ignorance sometimes we tend to think that we can surpass nature with our Intelligence, but the truth is that our emotions, our body, things associated to this body everything is made up of nature, thinking of surpassing means surpassing our own existence. Then why can’t we embrace it with love and this way we are invariable inviting love to ourselves.

People say save water save life. But it is should be like. Save water and save money, save relationship, invite good emotions and good health.

In the video provided above, the lady is explaining the techniques of inviting wealth and money using water energy which absorbs intentions and information. She has provided different methods, but we can make and invent our own method to unleash the property of water, if I talk about myself, Love is the only way I try harness the beauty of Water.

In my next blog I will be talk about how water manages our emotions and relationships.

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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