In my almost all blogs I have mentioned that raising level of awareness is all we need to live life with full potential, anything done in the state of awareness is a truth and anything done in sleeping or ignorant state is falsity and it would not be wrong if I say that almost entire human kind ( living only few) is in deep ignorant state hence whatever actions they perform in this state are false.

Let me try to explain the state of awareness which is difficult to do , but will try my best to explain it. When I am saying the state of awareness I meant the state where our soul is awake, free and Independent  and in charge of all our actions, in sleeping state it is our body which is performing actions under the control of three modes of nature : the state of goodness, the state of passion and the state ignorance.

These states we can say is like three kinds of material energies ( Maya) under which we all of us are under control of. It is these energies only which make us do things but it seems to us as if we performing these actions at our own will but the truth is that we are all conditioned souls ( until liberated ) and sort of puppets of these energies as somebody has to take charge of our actions when our souls are sleeping . I will be talking about these modes of nature separately where each of our soul is under control of one of these forces and which force we are under control of is determined by our past actions and level of ignorance we possess. A deep ignorant soul works under the state of ignorance, a slight aware soul works under the state of passion and further improved level of aware soul works under the state of goodness. I will be taking about these forces in detail which I myself learnt from ” Bhagwad geeta” the most referred Hindu Scripture.

 Now moving into our original topic, Meditation is a process which helps liberate our soul and free it from the clutches of these forces and our soul becomes in charge of all his/her actions. Under Meditation we make a connection to the Divine energy/superior energy or higher self to charge our Soul to make it wake up.

Our soul is a part and parcel of superior energy hence our soul replenishes itself from superior energy, we have an eternal relationship with Divine energy which we don’t understand till the time we are in ignorant state. the access of superior energy is possible through Meditation (Dhyana). During this process our soul feels completed , peaceful and ecstatic. But that feeling does not come easily , it requires practice, concentration and a desire to unite with Divine energy.

Our Mind wanders a lot , really a lot, it’s not easy for our mind initially to sit quietly at one place for long because we have not taught our mind this thing, it keeps working, it is full of information.

During meditation our goal is to make it concentrate, make it sit quiet. In order to understand it better please refer my article “The Conditioned Mind“. This will help understand the conditioning of our mind better which is great obstruction to our liberation.

There are several methods of Meditation, people use different methods not everyone has same path to liberation you can always choose the one best for you. There are several methods already available on YouTube or google which you can refer as per your convenience but I will share the process which I follow for myself in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

Your questions and suggestions are most welcome.

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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