Energy”, one of the most profound words we use in our day to day life but still the most underrated in terms of its meaning and Understanding. I have gone through several Philosophical and spiritual books and this is the most fascinated word I came across so far and one of my favorite concepts which I tried to understand, invest my time in, meditate to understand it and then finally aspire to write on it.

In general understanding we see people talking about Energy mere a source which provides strength and vigor to the body or at max in some cases a force of electricity which makes an electronic machine or device run. But trust me energy is not something it is everything. It is everything which we can touch, smell, taste, speak, listen and sense and even something which Is beyond our understanding or beyond the catch of our senses. It is the essence of this Creation, it is the creation itself. There is nothing in this world which can go beyond a minute or speck of Energy.

I would like to categorize Energy in two parts here: 1) Material Energy. 2) Superior Energy.

Material Energy: Material Energy is also regarded as “Maya” or “Inferior Energy” in “Bhagwad-gita . It is the Energy which we use in our day to day daily activity, everything which we are surrounded with like Air, Earth, stone Mountains etc. are made up of this Energy only, in short anything which we see or feel outside in this material world is part of Material Energy, The Material energy is something which keeps us entangled in this world, this is the main cause which is a link between us and this material world. It is said in scriptures that there is nothing wrong to be part of this world because this world is also a beautiful creation of God but all we need to do it not to get attached to the Material things in this world, but in reality we get attached to then, associate out identity to the material things and get stuck to the vicious cycle for birth after birth.

Let’s understand this with an example: when we go to any theatre to watch movies, we enjoy every scene of it and enjoy it as if it is real , we laugh , get sad and even cry at times, but at the same time we are always aware of the fact that whatever we are watching is not real, it is just a movie and all characters are just playing their part so once we come out of movie theatre we are all normal knowing that we just enjoyed the movie. So is our lives, we are provided with this world and Material things just to enjoy it or play our part as per our past Karma and execute certain action which we born for, but unfortunately we get entangled into it knowing it as real and get attached to it and this attachment only becomes cause of our sorrow and pain. Going back to our movie example just think what will happen if we keep grudges and pain in our heart taking everything as real , it will not do any good or bad to us it will not do anything rather it is just our ignorance and low level of consciousness which is making us feel bad or good and we are unnecessarily get entangled into it.

We go through Pain, sorrow, heartbreaks and so on in our life which is a part of Material World only and there is nothing wrong in crying and responding to it, but at the same time staying aware that it is not real is what keeps us free and does not bind to the Material World.

Superior Energy: Superior Energy is the divine energy, all human souls are Superior Energy. It is the energy which purifies and connect us to the God. We have heard people saying everywhere that our Soul is very pure, why do we say this always? because it is made up of Superior Energy.

In waking state, a state of awareness this Energy directly radiates from our Soul and Aura and gets connected to Higher self (In Bhagwat- Gita it is regarded as Krishna’s Energy, the supreme personality). This usually happens in the state of Meditation (Dhyan) Unlike Material Energy Superior Energy makes us peaceful, Ecstatic and Complete.

This Energy makes us free from all entangles and makes us a free spirit, Our soul always search for this energy only to keep itself complete and peaceful, but we usually search for the peace and happiness from the Material world by absorbing Material energy , which does not satisfy the need of our Soul rather makes us more entangled and then more dissatisfied.

One must be thinking that how can be experience this Energy if it is that satisfying, then I would like to answer it this way:

This Energy is prevalent everywhere, the energy of supreme master is spread all around this Universe and Space, but it is our conditioned Soul which keeps us trapped under Material Energy hence in order to come out of “Maya” we need to elevate our level of consciousness which happens through the process of Spirituality. Through the spiritual process a person can take its level of consciousness to the next level connects to higher self without being inflicted by Material Energy.

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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