Three Modes of Material Nature

 We have discussed about what the Material nature is all about. We will now be discussing about three modes of nature

Every human soul while being in Human body must act as per these modes of nature. We usually think that we are working on our own will, but we are always under the spell of these modes of nature, our soul is entangled into these modes of nature until we move to the state of Liberation.

Every human soul gets the suitable body as per the previous life karma and deeds which is perfect to pay off their depts be it for good or bad deeds. Let’s understand this mode of Material Nature in Detail:

1. Mode of Ignorance: It is the lowest Level of consciousness, it is that state of nature where person is completely away from the knowledge. In this mode of nature, human beings only live for sense gratification, the only purpose of their living is to seek happiness by satisfying their senses. This state is also called the “State of Ignorance”, means in this state a person is completely unaware of his/her real identity. In today’s Era (regarded as “Kalyuga” in Indian Scriptures) the Maximum amount of people belong to this state of mind only, because the sole purpose of human beings is to Earn and enjoying wealth even at the cost of others. We have been noticing many crimes taking place in terms of robbery, rapes, murder etc. to satisfy own senses which is a perfect example of mode of ignorance. people committing suicides, going through mental illness and diseases because they are away from the real knowledge and get in complete darkness when their material requirements do not get fulfilled. Today we see a problem of Global warming, river are being dried up, many examples of natural calamities which is caused by the blind actions of human species performed in the mode of ignorance which could be resulted into loss of this very planet itself, we are so blind that we think that we are satisfying our senses by creating pollution but we are actually paving a path of our own destruction. And the only way to move out of this mode of darkness its knowledge, Please note that I am not really referring the knowledge of matter, people hold several degrees are not necessarily out of the mode of ignorance, because If so, has been the case then same people may not have been polluting the work culture and environment in big corporates. Because they are still entangled into matter. Knowledge I am referring here is the Know ledge of higher self and knowledge of Soul which helps taking them above the matter, towards spiritual sky or spiritual Energy.

2) Mode of Passion: It is a state where desires dominate, in this state people strive to earn maximum of Wealth, seek for luxury and are materialistic in nature, such people strive to achieve Power, Pride and status. their level of consciousness is bit higher than the group of people belong to the state of Ignorance, and therefore they believe in accumulation of wealth by working hard and harder. They find their happiness and luxury and power only. We can find these people al most everywhere especially in metro cities and big industries, where show off work, where only money, wealth and status is considered important and identity is recognized by the possession of wealth only.

4) Mode of Goodness: This Group of people have slightly higher level of consciousness, those who work for collective good ness, bring about reforms, strive for betterment of humans. Scientists, Teacher, preachers who contribute to the improvement of the society, it includes all those people who rise above the personal interest and take initiative for betterment of society. It does not mean that it includes people having famous faces, it includes those who are working behind the scene for betterment of others, may be in villages, small town etc.

Such people do believe in God, have higher level of awareness, wiser than others and possess good amount of wisdom

These are the three Modes of Nature, under which we all operate under, some of you might be thinking that if a person is operating under Mode of Goodness, then why is he/she still considered slaves of Material Energy, on this I would like to say that in all of the three modes we identify ourselves different from the creator. There still exist an ego within us which is an identity which we do not want to lose and therefore we become conditioned souls which are operated by three modes of nature. It is when we surrender ourselves, loose our identity/Ego, we become realized, Illuminated, and Free.

Here I am referring Ego as desire of separate entity and desire to associate ourselves with body and Material things around and not really identifying our true identity which is nothing but a pure form of love, hence it is when we become realized we turn into love and loose a fake identity.

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I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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