Recently I came across a video by Dr Leonard Horowitch which is a breakthrough in medical science, that is the first video ever I saw where Dr Leonard Horowitch explained as how DNA can be repaired through 528HZ Frequency and hence DNA faults can be repaired.

Have heard a lot about treating several physical ailments of body through Meditation but same has been proved by medical science as well through beautiful description and explanation.

Many thanks to Dr Leonard Horowitch , I myself have gone through the video several times to understand the concept properly but unfortunately I could not embed it here as it was not allowing me to do that due to copyrights (seems like this to me) and therefore have provided the link of facebook pageĀ 

as provided below:

In one of blogs which I got very good feedback on and even have got chosen for guest blogging is The Patterns of energy. Where I explained how every soul is different and unique due to the different patterns which are defined by our past karma

Now DNA is one of the major contributors, any quality or physical problem any person is born with cannot be treated if they are genetically built in you because it has come to you in your DNA.

DNA is an energy cell and responsible for the way our body functions and determine our attributes and qualities. There are several things which people deal with due to their DNA and difficult to get rid of, examples are excessive anger, excessive emotions, problem of too much of pride etc which gets transferred from one generation to another.

Apart from this we find people transferring tendencies of sugar problem, heart problems, Cancer, obesity etc. which are DNA generated and cannot be treated permanently with Medication because medicines works on your body but these problems are dept on your soul which they have to deal with in this live and therefore has to deal with on a deeper level.

Hence treatment needs to be done on the level above physical body that is repairing of DNA , the pattern of your energy needs to be altered which can’t be done with Medication In the video it is advised that a human being needs to vibrate on frequency of 528 Hz in order to get rid of all deficiency of DNA. Meditation can repair the genetic problems effectively if done on regular basis .

Initially it’s not an easy thing to do but continues practice is all needed to take it to daily ritual In one of my blogs ” Meditation: the process of raising level of awareness ” will help you better understand the meditation process.

Also many of you must be thinking as to how can we can measure the frequency of energy we are vibrating at during mediation I guess we can’t measure it when we are in the middle of the meditation but your body and level of awareness will make the changes visible in your health and your attitude gradually .

Reaching to this level would require Patience, practice and foremost important concentration but it is a really beautiful feeling once you align it to your routine.

Best of luck everyone.

As always your questions are more than welcome .

I spend maximum of my time in reading spiritual books, practicing meditations, healing and talking about different pattern of Energies. The purpose to choose WordPress is to share my knowledge with vast audience.

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